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Rules of giving microcredits of LLP MCO “Arnur Credit”

Microcredit organization is legal person who realize activity of giving microcredits by Law of Republic of Kazakhstan “About microcredit organizations”. Company with limited responsibility “Microcredit organization “Arnur Credit” (further “Arnur Credit”) in the time of realization its activities follow Civil Code of Republic of Kazakhstan, Law of Republic of Kazakhstan “About microcredit organizations” and other legislative deeds Republic of Kazakhstan.
Relations between “Arnur Credit” and its clients realize by contract which conclude in accordance with real Rules about giving microcredits if other don't foresee by legislation of Republic of Kazakhstan. This Rules “About giving microcredits”, order of legalize documents for receiving microcredits, process of affirmation contracts about giving microcredit and contracts which provide with proper execution of conditions of microcredit.
Rules of giving microcredits “Arnur Credit” placed in accessible place and have information about conditions of giving microcredit. Demands at debts, objects of microcrediting, variety of microcredit service, conditions of microcrediting of debts is governed by real Rules other inside documents of “Arnur Credit”. Credit Committee of “Arnur Credit” establish for branches limits giving microcredit, in limit which branches can give microcredit to one debt. Distribution of microcredit in limit realized by branches independently, microcredits which conditions exceed limit is over limited and considered according real Rules.

Principal stage of financial to Debtors include next:

  • address Debtor to MCO;
  • collection fundamental documents for install analysis and estimation;
  • analysis activities and estimation of pledge guarantee;
  • preparing report about activity and financial condition of Debtor for consider on the Credit Committee;
  • install by Debtor measures of registration pledge guarantee (at positive decision of Credit Committee);
  • microcredit distribution.

    For finance Debtors “Arnur Credit” install analysis of its activity. Term of consider occupy from 2 till 7 days after receiving total packet of documents Debtor fixed on credit manager and install consider of given information about financial condition of Debtor in the time of address, note-booking records, characteristic technical card, presence credit story and etc.
    Also important presence pledge guarantee and its liquid, leading qualification calculation of financial-economic activity, checking responsibility of fulfill obligation, according to checking credit story (at absence extinguish commune services). When Debtor total correspond to demands, in depend on from limit of branch office, decision about distribution along application is installed and taken by director of branch office or in Credit Committee of general office, after that taking credit means distribution.

    Goals of implantation Rules are:

  • selection confident and payable Debtors;
  • increase credit portfolio and its diversification;
  • render total service of microcredit;
  • extend clients basis.

    General direction of Rules construct on lasting and longtime financial relations with Debtor. “Arnur Credit” strive or giving microcredit to Debtor in any level of development (scale) its activity and be constant and accessible institution which able to render financial service to clients on the high level.
    In the limit of real Rules considered business with high degree of formalization (as rule, legal person which work official) and with low degree of formalization (natural person and individual manufacturer).

    Commercial secret

    “Arnur Credit” guarantees the secret of giving microcredit. Secret of giving microcredit don't give away. Information about Debtor, micro credit size, about other conditions of contract, about giving microcredit which concern to Debtor, don't giving to third person, exception person who are allowed by item 4-5 articles of 16 Law “About microcredit organizations”.

    Conditions of giving microcredit

    “Arnur Credit” give microcredit for one Debtor in size which don't exceed 8 000 (eight thousand) MAI which are established by legislation of Republic of Kazakhstan. Microcredits are given out in national currency and in cash. Microcredits are given to natural person-resident of Republic of Kazakhstan in at the age of 21-70 with condition that term of returning microcredit by contract is expiring before execution to Debtor 70. Goal of giving service is rising economic activity and welfare of population.

    For getting microcredit against security to declarer necessary:

  • 1. to fill in application for getting microcredit;
  • 2. notary certify samples of signatures;
  • 3. give next documents:
  • 4. Passport or personal certificate of Debtor – citizen or Republic of Kazakhstan (copy stay in “Arnur Credit”) ;
  • 5. Registry certificate tax pay – Debtor (new form);
  • 6. Certificate from place of residence of Debtor (original);
  • 7. Certificate about salary from job of declarer with indication receiving income for last 6 months or copy patent, certificate individual manufacturer or note-book with records of in force business for last 3 months;
  • 8. Certify documents of giving pledge guarantee in case of giving pledge.
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