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Client’s rights protection

Dear Clients!

You are in Right to:

  • • Get any information from our Credit specialist and ask any questions about microcredit;
  • • Repay microcredit ahead of time without penalty;
  • • Complain on our employees at all offices of MFO in case of dissatisfaction with the quality of services;
  • • Make restructuring of the microcredit (change the date of repayment and/or prolong the term according to the internal rules of MFO)
  • • Your financial and commercial information is closed for the third parties.

How you can complain:

  • • Leave your complaint in writing form to the Head of Department in the Office of MFO, make sure that it was registrated and ask for copy.
  • • Leave your complaint in the writing form in the special box (Box of complaint and proposals), it is situated in each office of MFO;
  • • Call on the following contacts:  
  • +7 /7252/53-73-31,
  • +7-701-941-27-65,
  • +7-771-151-00-07;
  • • Send your complaint via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Consequences in case of overdue payment:

  • • Bad credit history;
  • • Denial in further  loans;
  • • Daily accrual of penalties in the amount of 0,3% on the overdue amount;
  • • The imposition of the debt on the Guarantor;
  • • Payment of a fee in the amount of 3% of the sale of microcredit collateral security;
  • • Payment services for judiciary enforcement in the amount of up to 25% from the amount of recovery.

Applying for microcredit do not forget to ask Credit specialists about:

  • • Interest rate of microcredit;
  • • The principal amount of microcredit and overpayment;
  • • The term of microcredit;
  • • The amount of the fees and other expenses, regarding the microcredit;
  • • The possibility of early repayment of the microcredit;
  • • The Schedule of repayment. The client in right to propose a date at a monthly fee. For example, the 10th of each month.

Please follow the simple rules of financial security:

  1. 1. You should pay the loan only in the cash Desks of “MFO ”Arnur Credit” limited liability partnership (through the Bank account or/and through terminal). After payment, you must require for the fiscal check and cash in order.  Transfer(leave) any funds to our employees are prohibited!
  2. 2. “MFO ”Arnur Credit” limited liability partnership works without middleman. Persons, who offer you to get credit for a fee, are not related to the company. Please, in case of such situation, immediately inform us by any ways of complaint above.
  3. 3. Credit Department staff of “MFO ”Arnur Credit” limited liability partnership gives all information to our clients for free either in company’s office or at the client’s workplace. 
  4. 4. Do not be careless in financial questions. Remember, no one can force you to get a loan. Do not give in to requests from your acquaintance or friends to get a loan for them. Remember, person who signed contract with bank for getting loan, takes all obligations for microcredit, and you will not prove that some other third part received the loan, but not you.
  5. 5. It is important to count credit money right near the cash desk. If the actual amount is differ from the amount you must get (amount in the contract without microcredit repayment fee), you can ask the casher to recount money and check everything. There are no expenses for client before getting funds in the cash desk.
  6. 6. The policy of “MFO ”Arnur Credit” limited liability partnership“ prohibits staff to borrow money or other material goods or services from the clients. Please, stop such acts and not to contribute to the creation of such situations. Remember that you cannot transfer any funds to the company's employees, is a violation of financial discipline!
  7. 7. Origination fee and cashier fee will be deducted from the initial disbursement amount. You will receive the amount minus fees.

Our contacts

Baitursynova St. 10/2, Shymkent,

Kazakhstan, 160011

Work Schedule

Monday - Friday
From 9:00 to 18:00