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Founded in 2001, MFO Arnur Credit LLP is headquartered in Shymkent. Arnur currently has 10 regional offices along with 93 branches. 

Since inception, the company has been recognized by its customers, as a reliable and successful business partner.  This allows the company to steadily develop while increasing its capital and expanding the scope of Arnur’s activities.

"Arnur Credit" is one of the few microfinance organizations that provides loans to promote the development and growth of small businesses, mainly in rural areas of Southern Kazakhstan.

Arnur’s activities are aimed at raising the standard of living of the rural population and improving its socioeconomic status in modern society, thereby enhancing the well-being of the Kazakh society as a whole.

"Arnur Credit" is one of the leading microfinance organizations in Kazakhstan, achieving a high level of customer satisfaction and providing quality products and services.

We work with international and Kazakhstani microfinance institutions, non-governmental organizations, and business support funds, as well as actively participate conferences and other forums on microfinance.

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