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Green economy

MFO «Arnur Credit» offers Green loans to women entrepreneurs who are managers or owners of micro, small and medium-sized businesses
MFO «Arnur Credit» within the program of the «Women in Business» program of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development offers Green loans to women entrepreneurs who are leaders or owners of micro (including individual entrepreneurs and self-employed), small and medium-sized businesses.
Green loans are intended for:
Energy-efficient modernization of housing and business, including enterprises, offices using energy-efficient equipment, and materials
Procurement of new household and industrial energy-efficient equipment and materials, replacement of windows, heating and ventilation systems, facade systems
Procurement of new and modernization of existing vehicles and equipment in agriculture, greenhouses, irrigation systems, equipment for land preparation and crops and much more
For a complete list of categories, as well as eligible equipment and materials, see the Green Technology Selector website - a global online database of energy efficient equipment and materials that comply with Kazakhstan building codes, world standards and the requirements of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for energy saving.
Business benefits:
Increasing energy efficiency through the installation of modern and energy efficient technologies
Reducing the consumption of energy, water and other resources and, consequently, reducing costs
Improving equipment performance and reliability
Product quality improvement
Increasing profitability and competitiveness
Solving problems with high-quality energy-efficient materials
Improving the image as a company that cares about the ecology of the environment
Contributing to the global challenge of moving towards a Green Economy
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