Mission and goals

The loyalty program with special conditions, accessibility, since the commission is not charged, the Syrlas program is training classes for customer entrepreneurs and non-showing, professional and well-trained personnel.
«ARNUR CREDIT» helps to improve the quality of life of the economically active part of the population of South Kazakhstan by providing microfinance services
We aim for excellence in everything we do - quickly and efficiently. We constantly strive to become better in all aspects of our activities, offering flexible services, affordable and adapted microfinance products for the further economic development of agriculture and entrepreneurship in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Our company has a strong culture of caring for employees, believing in their potential, developing and trusting them. We support the interaction of employees with managers of any level, the exchange of ideas and proposals. Training center «Arnur Credit» is engaged in training, retraining and advanced training of employees in all branches of the company. A transparent and objective attitude towards personnel, fair remuneration, provision of social guarantees and care for personnel is the basis of social responsibility to employees.

For everyone who is looking for effective and individual financial solutions as a way to grow and realize their dreams, «ARNUR CREDIT» offers financial products in combination with consulting and training support, which are designed with attention to your needs, with simple, fast and affordable conditions that will help you in developing your business and meeting your goals and desires.

Advantages of «ARNUR CREDIT» for you:
Professional and well-trained staff
«Syrlasu» program - training classes for client-entrepreneurs and networking
Availability, as there is no commission
Loyalty program with special conditions
Our microcredit - your success
Social responsibility
«Arnur Credit» strives for social influence, which is the main part of its social mission. The company helps to improve the quality of life of the population of Southern Kazakhstan, providing microfinance services. To ensure the long -term development of the company, we understand that our customers should receive maximum benefits from our products and services. We analyze international and domestic experience in microfinance, and we understand that social and financial indicators are connected and interconnected. Therefore, our employees have trained and implemented a system of assessing social indicators that are used to improve the company's activities.

Socio-responsible financing is one of the main areas of corporate social responsibility «Arnur Credit». We create our future today, following the principles of honest management, observing ethical norms and rules for doing business, as the basis for relations with clients, partners and society as a whole. Our microcredit is the success of our client.
According to the results of 2011, Mixmarket was provided with a social report on the principles of transparency. Arnur Credit was one of the first companies, which timely and reliably presented its information, as a result of which Arnur Credit was awarded a gold certificate from Mixmarket. The company on an annual basis provides reporting on social influence to creditors such as Incofin, DVM, IFC, EBRD.
Principles of customer protection
«Arnur Credit» LLP follows a socially oriented strategy and adheres to the principle of rational financing in their activities. Our employees provide services with concern for customers, ensuring that they do not occupy more than they need their financial needs and do not purchase products , which they do not need. Our employees constantly adhere to high ethical standards in communicating with customers and respectfully treat customers when recovering debts.

The company provides a mechanism for considering their complaints aimed at improving the quality of service, and ensures the preservation of customer data confidentiality.
In October 2016, Arnur Credit was certified on the principles of protection of customers Smart Campaign. According to the results of social diagnostics, our company corresponds to 99 Smart Campaign indicators, thereby confirming its commitment to 7 principles of customer protection.
«The main value is the client»
«The customer is the most important person»
Social rating «ARNUR CREDIT»
The international rating agency MicroFinanza Rating (Italy) awarded social rating to «Arnur Credit» MFO LLP. .
«Arnur Credit» passed the international social rating assessment by the Italian company MicroFinanza Rating, certified by the World Bank Group - SGAP for the assessment of microcredit organizations and banks. According to the results of activities in 2011, the international socially oriented rating company «Arnur Credit» assigned a social rating according to the internationally accepted norms «sBB».
Social responsibility to employees
«Arnur Credit» adheres to certain principles that separate the management of the company and its employees.
The main goal of the company's personnel policy is optimization and stabilization of personnel potential, improvement of the system of production management of personnel, creation of a system of social security.
Fair and timely payment of labor, as well as provision of safe and favorable working conditions and creation of all conditions necessary for career growth, personal and professional development of each employee. Read more
The company takes care of its employees, creating and maintaining an optimal social package for its employees: compensation of fuel and fuel for personal transport used for official purposes, provision of cellular communication services, organization of corporate events.
«Arnur Credit» is a successful, dynamically developing company, where career prospects are open for every employee. The best managers of the company grow from line employees who live in the interests of the company and know the company from the inside.
We support interaction between employees and managers of any level, exchange of ideas and proposals.
Employees are the most valuable asset of «Arnur Credit»
For the timely training of specialists, «Arnur Credit» launched a distance learning platform in September 2017 - a joint project with the company Business & Finance Consulting (BFC).

Thanks to the platform, employees and the company received the following opportunities:
receiving automatic analytical reports on the results of certification and testing
online certification and testing of potential employees without the need to visit the office
saving time and expenses for conducting field trainings
access to training for employees of remote departments at any time
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